Most frequent questions and answers

mediaClass is a full middleware for delivering OTT and IPTV services and includes all the necessary components including CMS, STB software, mobile clients, EPG, Recommendation Engine and APIs for BSS integration.

Typical OTT middleware products on the market are incremental improvements and add-ons to IPTV-based systems. This makes them inefficient and inflexible. mediaClass was written from scratch after considering all the latest functionality requirements for a service provider that may have legacy STBs and IPTV to take care of.

hat is why mediaClass is super-scalable with low server requirements and extremely adaptable to every situation.

Hard to believe though it may seem, mediaClass is sold based on a single fixed fee and yearly maintenance and support. We do not charge a license fee per user, or per STB or mobile client. It is an all inclusive price.

You will be shocked at the low cost of buying mediaClass – the initial fee includes all integration NRE. Talk to us and find out more!

We can target any chipset and STB with our STB middleware. We can make the UI look just like your own and have done this many times. Your legacy STBs will run much faster and will offer similar experience to new STBs. This will be included in the price.

We can offer an end-to-end proposal which includes everything. However compression and packager/CDN will be third party products we recommend.

Alternatively we can integrate into your existing compression or CDN infrastructure.

Absolutely! We can port to any STB/Chipset you want. We can also recommend and supply STBs at incredible pricing if you ask.

Yes, we offer Android support

We offer a recommendation Engine but we can integrate with any choice that you make.

We can take care of any design and development you have in mind.