The most complete and advanced set of OTT Services and functionality in a single platform

Supported Services :

  • Linear TV over IP and Broadcast
  • On Demand Services including:
    • Video On Demand (VoD)
    • Subscription VoD
    • Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD) – already integrated with Comcast’s FreeWheel(tm)
    • Catch-up TV including Reverse EPG
    • Content Management System for easy editing of the Content
    • Automated Batch Content Input
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices, Android TV and Apple TV
  • Linearly Scalable with high performance and efficiency for millions of customer
  • Support for IP and Hybrid DVB-S2, DTT, DVB-C STBs
  • Advanced Analytics Solution

Advanced Multi-tented Solution supporting multiple operators on the same back-end

Our Solution is Deployed in 4 countries for very large number of subscribers with 10 languages.

Modular architecture allows MediaClass middleware to adapt to specific Operator needs. Here is a brief description of the modules:
  • EPG Ingest – We expect the operator to sign a contract with local EPG metadata provider. They deliver the metadata, for example titles, description, start time duration for the events for Live TV channels. Multiple XML and JSON based formats are supported.
  • CatchUp manager Schedules event for recording based on the EPG events for selected channels.
  • VoD Ingest service
    • Transcoded content ingest – If the content is already available in a compatible format for your packager, you don’t need additional processing of it so this service will pick it up and send command to the Origin server or Packager in order to process it and make it available for Customers.
    • Not-transcoded content ingest – I the content is not available in packagere/Origin compatible format, it has to be transcoded first. This can be done under Middleware control.
    • VoD metadata ingest – MediaClass Middleware can automatically ingest standard ADI xml file. New assets can be added through CMS web-interface as well. Multiple VoD types are supported SVoD, TVoD, AVoD.
  • AVoD integration Integration with advertising companies
  • External services – We offer integration with external services like sending emails or using SMS gateways during Customer’s registration.

Platform management

Single management web-interface for bothCMS and platform configuration and support


CMS – Managing VoD assets. Possibility to group VoD assets into Categories. Dashboards and Carousels describe the way assets appear on the screen. Simplified management of VoD assets and the appearance on the screen by multiple automations. Possibility to upload transcoded or not-transcoded VoD content directly through the CMS. Limit access to specific menus for selected accounts.

Channels – Allows configuration for the channels and channel lists.

Products – Possibility to group content like LiveTV channels, CatchUp and VoD assets into Packages and Products compatible with Your business logic and create entitlements, assign those product to Customers.

Users – Create management accounts and limit the access to specific functionalities. Multitenancy – fully integrated as part of the CMS but also in the business logic in the core modules. You can have multiple cities or regions with different channel list or products available. It is possible multiple companies to share the same MediaClass paltform. Each company (tenant) can have access and possibility to manage only their customers, but all to work with shared content or products.

All backend APIs used by CMS are available for external services like BSS platform as well.


BSS Integration – API for integration with BSS / OSS platform. This is the point for integration for Telecom operators. We provide a large set of APIs. Typical operations performed by BSS platform are add/delete Customers, assign Products to those customers (which Live TV channels or VoD assets are allowed to watch).

Database – Optimized for quick search and accommodates all the required business logic. Middleware defines Entities like Customer, Device, Channel which can be configured separately.

Backend and Frontend APIs – This is the core of the Middleware and main processing module. None of the external services have direct access to the Middleware DB for security and business logic reasons. Instead the Middleware provides large collection of APIs. There is a separate set of APIs for Backend, used for example by BSS platform to create Customers in Middleware. Frontend APIs are dedicated for Mobile Applications, STBs and web portals/ web browsers. Examples are APIs to get a channel list, VoD catalog dashboards and event description, APIs for search for content. All those APIs are utilized by all different clients connected to MediaClass middleware.

Analytics server – analytics and reports.

Recommendation module – Works together with Analytics module in order to prepare specific recommendations for content.

DRM integration – content keys and entitlements are managed in Middleware. Secured delivery of the keys is guarantied by integration with some of the most popular DRMs like Widevine, FairPlay and PlayReady.

Deployment – Optimized development, integration, test and deployment cycle by utilizing the latest available software technologies in this area.

Redundancy – Redundant architecture for both database and application services.

Scalability – Scalable, we can easily add more servers or instances as the number of customers grow.

Monitoring – We offer both system level and service level monitoring. Flexibility to filter request, detect the flow for specific customer and analyze it. There is a possibility for integration with external systems.