Content Management and Delivery from mediaClass Family will link every Content Provider with its viewers audience.

mediaClass CMS helps Editors to prepare content to publish and select different representation methods that allow customers to enjoy it.

Administrators may assign different roles to editors allowing them to work on specific part of the library or execute specific functions – like adding video clips/movies; preparing live events or editing metadata. All those rules are subject to tenant or location.

Short list of different roles in mediaClass CMS:

  • VOD Editors – users which can add/edit/delete assets and manage the whole content in the system
  • Reporters – users which only can upload assets and provide metadata for them
  • Support – different support roles are applicable as every agent can have different rights – add/edit/delete products, users, devices
  • Admin – responsible for maintaining all other rights and having full access to the system

All users can have assigned a specific tenant so they can have access only to this tenants content.

mediaClass CMS allow different ways to ingest or prepare video contnent:

  • Live Streams;
  • Third party Transcoded Content;
  • Raw video files from specific location;
  • Upload raw video files thru CMS;

Bellow diagram represent general working flow:

Dashboards and carousels are the way video content is presented to viewers. mediaClass CMS allow selection of how Dasboards and Carousels to look like from predefined templates and based on rules populate video content assets.

Carousel Creation Example
Dashboard creation example
Final Steps to complete Dashboard and Carousels

Here are some examples how viewers will see them: